In which of language group does the Czech language belong?

Czech is Slavic language. Belongs to the eastern division of Indo-European language group.

Czech Ukrainian Bulgarian
Slovak Belorussian Macedonian
Polish Russian Slovene
High& Low Sorbian Serbian Serbian

Where can you hear Czech language?

Czech is a language of one nation. There for you can hear Czech another country mostly thanks to different waves of emigrantion during more centuries and their new generations. For example in Austria, Australia, Canada, Croatia, Germany, Poland,, Ukraine, US end in Western Romania - Banat. After 1992 when Czechoslovakia split into Czech Republic en Slovak continue thousands of Czechs to live in the Slovak Republic but Czecks immigrants never form huge groups together. They tend to follow there own way and don't meet each other daily. From may 2004 on the Czech language is one of the 20 official language in the European Union (2005).

How old in the Czech language?

The oldest known piece of written Czech language dates from the 10th century ad. These pieces where part of books written in different languages. During the 14th century the language developed enormously. During the reign of Charles the 4th (1316-1378) the first attempts where made to write down Czech scientific language. Bartolomeus from Chlumec wrote during this time 3 big dictionary's. The Czech diacritic symbols (e.g. Á, é, š, e, u) , which nowadays create a lot of problems because of standardisation in the use of computers, date back from the 14th century. The credit for these symbols where given to Jan Hus, the Czech professor who is seen as front runner in the reformation. Before this time the sounds had a different notation.

Is Czech difficult to learn?

The Czech language is known to be a difficult language to learn. Tourists are often amazed that after a few visits the are able to recognise some basic sentences. Sometimes they can not recognise simple words. In contrast with some other European languages. But you must be aware that learning Czech is the most difficult in the beginning. The good news is that Czech only has three times, of which the past is very easy. The second good news is that people on the street have a clear pronunciation like your teacher has. So shorten words, swallowing parts of the word and speaking faster does not result in good Czech.

Important survival words.



For Free
Na prodej
For Sale
Entrance fee
Vstup volný
Free entry
Nedotýkat se
Don't touch
K pronajmutí
For Rent


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