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Our translators always deliver the most reliable and high quality translations. We translate from Dutch to Czech and from Czech to Dutch. We now also translate from Slovak to Dutch and from Dutch to Slovak.

We translate different documents with or without dutch legal validation "beëdiging" (sworn translation).

Some of the documents we translate:

official documents
with legal Dutch validation "beëdiging"

documents and texts with legal Dutch validation "beëdiging"

Birth certificate Personal letters and correspondences
Wedding certificates Travelling books
Declarations Web page's
Diplomas Hotel brochures& presentations
Certificates Company presentations
Agreements Personal presentations
Contracts Manuals
Legal Documents Tourist guides
Medical rapports  



We very often translate document which contain confidential information (eg. contracts, legal documents and personal correspondence...) in all cases we will treat these translations confidential.

High Quality

Our company translates with a very high quality. All translations are controlled bij 2 translaters, from which at least one is legally registered as an official Dutch-Czech native speaker translator. We take care that our service is always professional and of the highest quality.

Prices are calculated on the base of :

  1. The number of words in the text (depending on the speed and difficulty of the text the price per word will be calculated). These amounts are excluding taxes.

  2. speed of delivery (fast translation supplement)

  3. Dutch legal validation "beëdiging" supplement (base supplement is € 22 per document).

If you would like to get a definitive price you must ask an quote.

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